Cresta is an AI that transforms your sales agents into experts


Cresta learns from top performers and recommends suggestions that maximize conversion for each agent leading to more revenue for your entire sales team.


Cresta supercharges your team with suggestions that handle common parts of conversations and wordy responses leading to more conversations handled per agent.


Cresta distributes the knowledge from your team's top performers to help new hires start on day one with the knowledge base and tactics of a seasoned veteran.


Cresta is transforming how the salesforce operates

“The Business of Artificial Intelligence”

“[Cresta] increased [sales] effectiveness by 54% and [sales agents] were able to serve twice as many customers”

“The Shape of Work to Come”

“[Cresta went] to work alongside human colleagues… essentially packag[ing] the skills of the company’s best salespeople and bequeath[ing] them to the entire team – a process that [is] potentially revolutionary”

"I can't imagine chat without Cresta. The valuable suggestions helped me reach 200% of my quota."

Darren A., Sales Agent

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The Cresta Blog

Experts on Day One

The first day Think back to the first day of your current job. It was probably very busy: you were given a bunch of training documents, had knowledge transfer meetings from the "experts", and generally felt pretty overwhelmed. Sales organizations f...