Cresta transforms every sales agent into an expert by using AI to learn, organize, and distribute expertise via real-time suggestions and coaching.

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Cresta is an AI that transforms your sales agents into experts

Increase Effectiveness

Cresta Suggestions and Coaching doubles sales conversion by helping agents respond optimally at each turn in a conversation.

Increase Efficiency

Utilizing Cresta Suggestions cuts average handle time in half and allows agents to handle more concurrent conversations.

Decrease Time to Ramp

New agents ramp five times as fast by leveraging the expertise of the entire team.

“The Business of Artificial Intelligence”

“[Cresta] increased [sales] effectiveness by 54% and [sales agents] were able to serve twice as many customers”

“The Shape of Work to Come”

“[Cresta went] to work alongside human colleagues… essentially packag[ing] the skills of the company’s best salespeople and bequeath[ing] them to the entire team – a process that [is] potentially revolutionary”

"I can't imagine chat without Cresta. The valuable suggestions helped me reach 200% of my quota."

Darren A., Sales Agent

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The Cresta Blog

Software that learns by demonstration

Think about a time when you taught someone something difficult. Did you just tell them what to do, or did you also show them how it’s done? Showing how conveys a wealth of unspoken information. By observing a skill in practice, we can see which act...

Experts on Day One

Becoming an expert is difficult. We spent years in our PhD programs sitting in classrooms, reading papers, and programming to become “experts.” Sales organizations feel this problem every day. It takes seven months for a new salesperson to become p...