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Why We Work Here

Weekly Lunch & Learn
We present and discuss cutting edge AI research that directly impacts our work.

A+ Team
Our team consists of a majority of ex-Founders, world leading scientists and nationally competitive athletes.

A world class mentorship board advises and mentors our team-members to capture the opportunity ahead of us.

We believe in the power of AI as an enabling tool to democratize expertise.

Cresta Operating Principles
Do not accept the customer's status quo
99% percent of the world's innovations have yet to be discovered. Invent on behalf of the customer.
Hustle after every ball
Great products are built on a large number of well executed details. Consistently hustle after each detail.
Trust and amplify
Assume people come with the best intentions. Build bridges for others. Give direct and candid feedback.
Obsess over results
Results matter the most in our business. Move with determination, intensity and focus on the end result for our customers.
Move with speed, not haste
Speed is critical to a team's success. However, technical debt real. Sometimes, slow down to move faster overall.
Lead from your seat
Everyone has a role in a rocketship. Own your role. Own the end to end experience you drive for the customer.
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