Software Generalists on the Cresta team work on projects with direct impact on our technical and product strategy. Generalists are comfortable moving up and down the stack and build anything that is needed to solve the problem at hand. As a member of cross-functional product and AI teams you will be responsible for architecting, implementing and iterating end-to-end on product and AI.

You will join a collaborative but highly autonomous working environment in which each member has a defined role, with the ability to work on projects and features that they identify as interesting.

About us

Cresta is an enterprise AI startup with the mission of ending repetitive work. We enable large human workforces to operate like autonomous, intelligent fleets - when one human makes a mistake, everyone learns from it, and when one human achieves success, everyone improves.

Spun out of the Stanford AI lab and chaired by Google-X founder Sebastian Thrun, our team is composed of Stanford PhDs and top engineers from large tech companies. Even as an early-stage startup, multiple Fortune 500 companies have used Cresta to enhance their workforce productivity with AI.