The Data team at Cresta perform research and analysis that allows us to make optimal product decisions. As a data-driven company, our data scientists are key to the product’s continuous improvement by uncovering key insights from our data. Our data scientists work closely with product managers and engineers to implement appropriate measurements and metrics, design randomized controlled experiments, build visualizations, and tackle hard, open-ended problems that uncover usage patterns and opportunities for Cresta. You will work on modeling our long-term growth, improving the relevance and personalization of the product, and exploratory factor analysis of agent behavior.

You will join a collaborative but highly autonomous working environment in which each member has a defined role with clear expectations, as well as the freedom to pursue projects they find interesting.

About Us

Cresta is an early-stage enterprise AI startup with the mission of enabling everyone to start as an expert on the first day on the job. Spun out of the Stanford AI lab and chaired by Google-X founder Sebastian Thrun, and backed by Ben Horowitz, our team is composed of Stanford PhDs and top engineers and leaders from Google, Facebook, and other tech companies. We are in production at multiple Fortune 500 companies and are training on millions of dialog conversations.